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Erik van Sebille

Professor in Oceanography and Public Engagement, Utrecht University

Erik is an oceanographer, investigating the time scales and pathways of the global ocean circulation.

His research focuses on how currents and eddies in the ocean transport heat and nutrients, as well as marine organisms and plastics between different regions of the ocean. He has a MSc in physics and a PhD in physical oceanography, and uses both data from ocean observations as well as from computer simulations of the ocean to understand how different regions of the ocean are connected.

Erik has worked in the Netherlands, the USA, Australia and the UK.


  • 2021–present
    Professor, Utrecht University
  • 2015–present
    Lecturer, Imperial College London
  • 2012–present
    Associate Investigator, Australian Research Council's (ARC) Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science
  • 2015–present
    Adjunct Lecturer, UNSW Australia
  • 2017–2021
    Associate professor, Utrecht University
  • 2011–2015
    Research Fellow and Lecturer, UNSW Australia
  • 2009–2011
    Postdoctoral Associate, University of Miami


  • 2009 
    Utrecht University, PhD

Grants and Contracts

  • 2014
    Linkage Project
    Chief Investigator
    Funding Source:
    Australian Research Council (ARC)
  • 2013
    Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA)
    Chief Invesigator
    Funding Source:
    Australian Research Council (ARC)

Research Areas

  • Physical Oceanography (040503)
  • Climate Change Processes (040104)