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Second University of Naples

The Second University of Naples, now known as SUN, was founded in 1991 (D.Murst of 25 March 1991 and 27 April 1992 DPR) for the spin-off from the University Federico II, with the goal of freeing this great University Neapolitan. Its autonomous activity is thus officially began November 1, 1992 with nearly nineteen thousand students and 8 faculty located on five local centers.

Subscribers are now nearly thirty, the Departments 19.

The Sun also taking into account its particular geographic distribution has two offices in the Rectory: one in Naples, close to the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, and another in Caserta, recently opened and completely restored in the Royal Palace.


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Forests and other land-based carbon stores held onto more carbon during colder historical climates. Miguel.v/Wikimedia Commons

Land carbon storage swelled in the Little Ice Age, which bodes ill for the future

When temperatures dipped between 1500 and 1750, the world’s landscapes responded by storing more carbon. Now, with temperatures climbing, it’s possible they will do the opposite and release even more.


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