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SUNY College at Old Westbury is a dynamic and diverse public liberal arts college that fosters academic excellence through close interaction among students, faculty and staff. Old Westbury weaves the values of integrity, community engagement, and global citizenship into the fabric of its academic programs and campus life. In an environment that cultivates critical thinking, empathy, creativity and intercultural understanding, we endeavor to stimulate a passion for learning and a commitment to building a more just and sustainable world. The College is a community of students, teachers, staff, and alumni bound together in mutual support, respect, and dedication to the Mission.


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L’actuelle secrétaire d’État au Trésor américain, Janet Yellen, reste l’une des rares femmes parmi les économistes les plus influentes au monde. Jessica McGowan / Getty Images North America / Getty Images via AFP

La science économique, mauvaise élève de l’égalité hommes-femmes aux États-Unis

Seuls 15 % des professeurs titulaires américains sont aujourd’hui des femmes. Une proportion qui n’a que très peu évolué depuis 20 ans.
A display used to educate the public on rubella vaccination and the mother-to-fetus transmission of this virus. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention via Public Health Image Library

In Zika, echoes of US rubella outbreak of 1964-65

Though separated by time and place, there are surprising similarities in the the social issues raised by the rubella outbreak of 1964-65 and the recent Zika outbreak in South America.


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