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Part-Time Professor of Economics, The New School

Steven Pressman is a part-time professor of Economics at the New School for Social Research in Manhattan. Previously he taught at Monmouth University in West Long Branch, New Jersey and Colorado State University in Fort Collins. In addition, he serves as Associate Editor of the Review of Political Economy. His main research areas are poverty and income distribution, post-Keynesian macroeconomics, and the history of economic thought. Over the past three decades, Pressman has published around 200 articles in refereed journals and as book chapters, and has authored or edited 19 books, including Understanding Piketty’s Capital in the 21st Century (Routledge, 2015). A New Guide to Post Keynesian Economics (Routledge, 2001), Alternative Theories of the State (Palgrave Macmillan, 2006), and 50 Major Economists (Routledge, 2013), which has reached its third edition and has been translated into five different languages. He is a frequent contributor to newspapers and regularly appears on TV to discuss economic issues.


  • –present
    Professor of Economics, Colorado State University
  • 2015–2021
    Emeritus Professor of Economics and Finance, Monmouth University
  • 1981–2015
    Professor of Economics & Finance, Monmouth University
  • 2015–2015
    Visiting Research Fellow, American Institute for Economic Research
  • 2014–2014
    Invited Professor, University of Paris, 13
  • 1998–1999
    Visiting Professor of Economics, Trinity College
  • 1997–1998
    Visiting Professor of Economics, University of New Hampshire


  • 2015
    Understanding Piketty's Capital in the 21st Century, Routledge
  • 2015
    Inadequate Household Deleveraging: Income, Debt and Social Provisioning, Journal of Economic Issues
  • 2014
    Keynes, Family Allowances and Keynesian Economic Policy, Review of Keynesian Economics
  • 2013
    Justice and History: The Big Problem of Wilt Chamberlain, Economic Issues
  • 2013
    Debt-Poor Kids (with Robert Scott), Journal of Poverty
  • 2013
    Household Debt and Income Distribution (with Robert Scott), Journal of Economic Issues
  • 2013
    Fifty Major Economists, 3rd ed., Routledge
  • 2011
    The Middle Class in Six Latin American Nations, Revista Problemas del Desarrollo
  • 2011
    The Legacy of John Kenneth Galbraith, Routledge
  • 2011
    Microeconomics After Keynes: Post Keynesian Economics and Public Policy, American Journal of Economics & Sociology
  • 2009
    Post Keynesian and Ecological Economics, Edward Elgar
  • 2009
    Consumer Debt and the Measurement of Poverty and Inequality in the US, Review of Social Economy
  • 2009
    Leading Contemporary Economists, Routledge
  • 2008
    Expanding the Boundaries of the Economics of Crime, International Journal of Political Economy
  • 2007
    A Prolegomena to Any Future Post Keynesian Education Policy, Journal of Post Keynesian Economics
  • 2007
    The Decline of the Middle Class: An International Perspective, Journal of Economic Issues
  • 2006
    Empirical Post Keynesian Economics, M.E. Sharpe
  • 2006
    Economic Power, the State and Post Keynesian Economics, International Journal of Political Economy
  • 2006
    Alternative Theories of the State, Macmillan
  • 2005
    Income Guarantees and the Efficiency-Equity Tradeoff, Journal of Socio-Economics
  • 2004
    What is Wrong with Public Choice, Journal of Post Keynesian Economics
  • 2002
    Fiscal Policy and Work Incentives-- An International Comparison, Journal of Income Distribution
  • 2002
    Sen and Capabilities, Review of Political Economy
  • 2001
    A New Guide to Post Keynesian Economics, Routledge
  • 2000
    The Economic Contributions of Amartya Sen (with Gale Summerfield), Review of Political Economy
  • 1998
    On Financial Frauds and Their Causes, American Journal of Economics & Sociology
  • 1997
    Consumption, Income Distribution and Taxation: Keynes' Fiscal Policy, Journal of Income Distribution
  • 1994
    The Composition of Government Spending: Does It Make Any Difference?, Review of Political Economy
  • 1992
    The $1000 Question: A Tax Credit to End Child Poverty, Challenge
  • 1992
    Child Exemptions or Family Allowances: What Sort of Antipoverty Program for America?, American Journal of Economics & Sociology
  • 1991
    Keynes and Antipoverty Policy, Review of Social Economy
  • 1987
    The Policy Relevance of The General Theory, Jounal of Economic Studies
  • 1986
    A Tale of Two Taxpayers: The Effects of the Economic Recovery and Tax Act of 1981, Journal of Post Keynesian Economics

Professional Memberships

  • Treasurer, Eastern Economic Association, 1996-2016
  • Interim Treasurer, Association for Social Economics, 2016
  • Trustee, Association for Social Economics, 2000-2002, 2014-2017
  • Board of Directors, Dollars & Sense, 2014-
  • North American Editor, Review of Political Economy, 1995-present
  • Associate Editor & Book Review Editor, Eastern Economic Journal, 1989-present