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Since our inception in 1969, Taylor’s has gained significant recognition as a leading private education institution. We are ranked the top private university in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.


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(Unsplash/Roman Kraft)

Di balik banyak berita bombastis, bisa jadi ada klaim ilmiah yang meragukan – apa yang perlu kita waspadai saat membaca berita?

Di balik berbagai berbagai berita seringkali ada temuan riset yang meragukan, dilebih-lebihkan, atau disalahartikan. Apa yang harus pembaca waspadai ketika membaca berita yang mengandung klaim ilmiah?
(Unsplash/Roman Kraft)

Behind a lot of flashy headlines may lie questionable scientific claims - what should people be aware of when reading the news?

Behind a lot of news headlines often lie either questionable, oversold or misinterpreted research findings. So what should readers be aware of when reading news that contain scientific claims?

Journal papers, grants, jobs … as rejections pile up, it’s not enough to tell academics to ‘suck it up’

The rejection culture of academia is damaging. Rejections are inevitable, but there are better ways of managing the process that don’t leave individuals to bear the whole burden of coping.


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