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Technical University of Dortmund

Since its founding 48 years ago, TU Dortmund University has developed a profile of its very own. With 16 faculties ranging from science and engineering to social sciences and cultural studies, the university currently has near to 34,200 students and 6,200 members of staff, including 300 professors. There are about 80 degree programs to choose from, some classic, some innovative, and some even unique to this university. We also offer a comprehensive program of teacher training for all types of school. All our scientific disciplines share a common university spirit in which interdisciplinarity, communication and cooperation are not only taught, but are actively lived by. This interactive culture creates a supportive environment that sparks technological innovation and drives advances in methods and knowledge.


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Cubierta de la Escuela de Ingeniería de Minas y Energía de la Universidad de Vigo. Moisés Cordeiro Costas/Universidad de Vigo

Energía solar: cómo los países del norte de Europa producen más con menos

La abundancia de sol es una oportunidad para la energía renovable en España. Sin embargo, en el norte de Europa los paneles generan más electricidad ‘per cápita’. ¿Qué han hecho diferente?
Governments could capitalize on the growth of telecommuting to promote more car-free lifestyles. (AP Photo/Fernando Vergara)

COVID-19 could end our dependence on cars — if we ‘build back better’

The pandemic could be a boon to car use, but it would be a mistake for governments to let that happen. There’s a golden opportunity to push towards a zero-carbon transportation system.
The city of Dortmund is seeking citizens’ input on plans for this 44-hectare brownfield site of Hoesch Spundwand und Profil in Dortmund. Robing Chang

How ‘temporary urbanism’ can transform struggling industrial towns

Pop-up parks and tiny houses are just a few of the innovative solutions that can help post-industrial cities across Europe and North America adapt to the future.
Phoenix Lake, Dortmund’s coolest new quarter, was once an abanonded steel mill surrounded by polluted waterways and brownfields. Frank Vincentz/Wikimedia (CC BY-SA 3.0) (], via Wikimedia Commons

Redesigning the rust belt: an old German steel region gets a mindful modern makeover

A former industrial region in the heart of Germany is slowly reinventing itself for the 21st century, offering urban planning lessons for Detroit and beyond.


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