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Le Sultan al-Jaber, CEO de la compagnie pétrolière nationale des Émirats arabes unis et président de la COP28. Kamran Jebreili/AP

Vu des Émirats arabes unis, une COP28 sous le signe du pétrole

Des révélations sur les transactions pétrolières envisagées par les Émirats arabes unis sont venues assombrir l'ouverture de la COP28. Il faut dire que toute l'économie du pays dépend de la manne pétrolière.
UK chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, with his 2023 Autumn Statement. Simon Walker/No 10 Downing Street/Flickr

Autumn statement: experts react to national insurance and business tax cuts

National insurance cuts and business investment were all included, as was the pensions triple lock. But our experts saw some omissions.
Perspective view of a lobate scarp on Mercury named Carnegie Rupes, colour-coded according to surface altitude. The crater near the middle is nearly 40 km across. NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Carnegie Institution of Washington

Mercury: shrinking planet is still getting smaller – new research

Mercury has shrunk by7 km. Most of this happened long ago, but now we have evidence that it continues.
Scotland’s CAVForth self-driving bus service began in May 2023, serving a 14-mile route that crosses the Forth Road Bridge on the outskirts of Edinburgh.

Self-driving buses that go wherever you want? How the UK is trying to revolutionise public transport

Amid bus route cuts and rail strikes, can the answer to our future public transport needs be found in the hi-tech prototypes being trialled around the UK?


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