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Umeå University was founded in 1965 and is Sweden’s fifth oldest university. Today, it has a strong international and multicultural presence with students, teachers and researchers from all over the world.


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Sweden’s prime minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt is a former president of the European Council. Gunnar Seijbold/Swedish government

EU election: campaign in Sweden centres on ‘more or less’ Europe

This is a “super-election year” in Sweden. Voters will elect four sets of representatives within just a few months. In September, they vote for national parliamentarians and, on the same day (as is customary…
It’s currently difficult to limit your exposure to traffic pollution because you can’t smell it. Flickr/pəruse

Creating a stink about traffic pollution

The World Health Organization’s recent decision to categorise diesel fumes as carcinogenic is yet another reminder of the negative health effects of traffic pollution. Cancer can now be added to a list…

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