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Universidad Antonio Nariño

The Antonio Nariño University as an institution of higher education in clear commitment to the country has set itself the mission:

Mission ImageTo train suitable and competitive, ethical and humanistic citizens, with autonomous and critical thinking, and highly qualified people committed to the processes of positive transformation of the country, based on the incorporation, dissemination, generation and innovation of universal knowledge.

Exercise educational and research leadership in science, arts and technology, in accordance with the processes of globalization and scientific advances, which responds to the challenges arising from local, regional, national and international changes.

Contribute to the quality and excellence of human talent through rigorous academic and research training that enables the creation and consolidation of groups of researchers that guide scientific, technological, and artistic development.

Contribute to the democratization of knowledge and promote equal opportunities not only in access but also in the possibility of completing the training cycles through decentralization, the expansion of the educational offer, the diversification of programs, the generation of financing mechanisms and the establishment of information systems.

Establish communication channels with the communities and with their leaders and governors to carry out joint tasks that allow the resolution of problems, the improvement of the quality of life and the generation of projects that seek to satisfy the needs and desires for change.

Identify new scenarios, goals and perspectives that allow us to envision a future project in a locality, region and country and work towards its realization.


Vision ImagePositioning itself as one of the best universities in the country, with critical, autonomous and global thinking, nationally and internationally accredited, which by being at the forefront of knowledge, contributes to national competitiveness in science, arts and technology, is the challenge of the University Antonio nariño.


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