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Kristopher Wisniewski

Lecturer in Forensic Science, Keele University

I was appointed as a sessional lecturer in Forensic Science at Keele (2015-2017) before moving to the Foundation Year Centre (2016-2021) where I primarily taught chemistry whilst maintaining some guest lectures in forensics.

My PhD (2016), in analytical chemistry, focused on the monitoring of neonicotinoid pesticides in various honeybee matrices using Q-TOF LC/MS and GC-MS. My research interests also include wildlife crime, military and forensic geoscience. I gained my MA in Teaching and Learning in HE from Keele in 2021 and am now also exploring the use of virtual learning environments in HE.

I am also a ERC committee member of Forensic Geoscience Specialist Sub-Group of the Geological Society of London and actively collaborate with various UK Police Service County Forces.


  • 2021–present
    Lecturer in Forensic Science , Keele University