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“We’re Keele University and we’re different. Founded more than 60 years ago on the belief that we meet the demands of a new kind of society, economy and world, our principles resonate now more than ever.

We’ve been ranked No.1 for student satisfaction for the last three years running in the National Student Survey, and we’re also No.1 for graduate employability (HESA, 2016). Furthermore, 97% of our research was classified as world leading, or of international importance, in the latest Research Excellence Framework.

Keele has Britain’s biggest university campus, nestled in over 600 acres of beautiful countryside in the heart of the UK, together with a cosmopolitan community of staff and students from over 100 countries.

Whether it’s Health, Humanities and Social Sciences, or Natural Sciences, we deliver a unique and international learning experience. We teach in small groups, provide one-to-one access to our academics and value the quality of our teaching as highly as our research.”


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‘But it wasn’t my fault.’ WAYHOME studio/Shutterstock

The science of saying sorry

Apologies that demonstrate regret, promise corrective action and are delivered early, with intensity and genuine sympathy, can make amends for many things.

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