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University of Central Florida

The University of Central Florida and its 12 colleges provide opportunities to 60,000 students from all 50 states and 140 countries. Located in Orlando, Florida, UCF is the nation’s second-largest university. UCF is called a “Top Up-and-Coming” national university by U.S. News & World Report, a best-value university by The Princeton Review and Kiplinger’s, and one of the nation’s most affordable colleges by Forbes.


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St Louis’ Central Visual and Performing Arts High School – the latest scene of school gun violence. AP Photo/Jeff Roberson

School shootings are already at a record in 2022 – with months still to go

On Oct. 24, while a teenage gunman was pleading guilty for a deadly school incident in Michigan, another school shooting was taking place in St. Louis.
Laws from different places and eras largely reflect a universal human sense of justice. simpson33/iStock via Getty Images Plus

Intuitions about justice are a consistent part of human nature across cultures and millennia

What people consider to be fair and just today are in line with the laws of ancient Mesopotamia and the Tang Dynasty in China – suggesting that these intuitions are part of human nature.
Sur cette photo prise clandestinement, on peut voir des femmes fuyant la police anti-émeute lors d'une manifestation dans le centre de Téhéran, en Iran. Ces manifestations sont réprimées brutalement. (AP Photo)

Le régime iranien est un apartheid des genres. Il faut le dénoncer comme tel

Le régime iranien met en œuvre des politiques et des pratiques de ségrégation et de discrimination similaires à celles pratiquées en Afrique du Sud sous l’apartheid.
Repairing storm damage is expensive, and insurance covers less than many people realize. Sean Rayford/Getty Images

Flood risk ratings: Translating risk to future costs helps homebuyers and renters grasp the odds

Telling people they have a flood risk rating of 10 is less powerful than explaining how much they’re likely to pay to deal with flooding over the next five years.
Italians must now present a form of vaccine passport called a ‘Green Pass’ to enter many indoor establishments. Xinhua News Agency via Getty Images

Italy – once overwhelmed by COVID-19 – turns to a health pass and stricter measures to contain virus

After enduring a devastating wave of infections, deaths and lockdowns at the start of the pandemic, Italy is putting in place tougher anti-COVID measures, including a vaccine passport.
People who believe aliens have visited Earth are less likely to trust the 2020 election results. Colin Anderson Productions pty ltd/DigitalVision via Getty Images

What belief in extraterrestrial visitors to Earth reveals about trust in elections

Americans who believe aliens have visited Earth are more likely than disbelievers to say that Joe Biden is not the legitimate winner of the 2020 presidential election.
The U.S. was one of 33 countries to experience election-related violence in 2020 – the worst year for peaceful elections ever. Brent Stirton/Getty Images

Election violence spiked worldwide in 2020 – will this year be better?

Elections are getting less safe in democracies and nondemocracies alike. Last year was the bloodiest year for elections in decades, with 54% of all national votes marred by some kind of violence.
Foreign military students from the U.S. Navy’s Patrol Craft Officer course conduct a field training exercise at the Stennis Space Center in Mississippi in 2009. Department of Defense

US-educated foreign soldiers learn ‘democratic values,’ study shows – though America also trains future dictators

The US Armed Forces run 14 programs in over 150 countries, providing education and training for roughly 70,000 foreign military personnel each year. What, if anything, are they learning?
Los aledaños del Capitolio de los Estados Unidos el 6 d enero de 2021. Bill Clark/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

¿Es el asalto al Capitolio un golpe de Estado?

Los partidarios de Trump irrumpieron en el Capitolio de los EE.UU. el 6 de enero, interrumpiendo la certificación de Joe Biden como presidente electo. Los autores, expertos en golpes de estado, explican que esta insurrección violenta no fue técnicamente un golpe.
Devant le Capitole à Washington, le 6 janvier 2021. Bill Clark/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

L’assaut du Capitole, manifestation frappante de la fragilité de la démocratie américaine

Techniquement, la prise du Capitole par des partisans de Donald Trump ce 6 janvier n’a pas été un coup d’État. L’événement n’en révèle pas moins la grande fragilité de la démocratie américaine.


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