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We think a university should be about empowering people to explore what they don’t know; through passionate, dedicated teaching and innovative, world-changing research. By embracing the fact that we’re all coming at it from a slightly different place, and that every journey is personal, we’ve managed to achieve some remarkable results in our time.

We believe that the best universities are not just the privilege of elites. We’re proof that you can stand alongside the best and open up the competition for everyone.

Some universities consider their primary purpose to be high quality research, others concentrate on excellent teaching. At Leicester we think that the two are not only complementary, they’re inseparable. We believe that teaching is more inspirational when delivered by passionate scholars engaged in world-changing research – and that research is stronger when delivered in an academic community that includes students.

With these ideas at heart, Leicester is re-framing the values that govern academia and re-defining what a university needs to be in the 21st century. We are constantly finding new ways of being a leading university.

We are the only university to win six consecutive Times Higher Awards. The Times Higher Education applauded Leicester’s very different approach, describing us as “elite without being elitist”.


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The Vandals were buried beneath the awful weight of metaphor. Dr Case

Vandals took the handles – but what else did they do?

It might seem a stretch to say history has been unkind to the Vandals. After all, this barbarian group did as much as anyone to sound the last rites of the Roman Empire in the west. They captured the rich…
The tie-in merchandising costs HOW much?! julochka

Lego Movie CEO is evil because bad bosses sell cinema tickets

President Business is a bad guy. We know that because he is the chief executive of the Octan Corporation. He also has bad hair, control issues, and transforms into the evil tyrant Lord Business who – together…
Google has you in a filter bubble and you might not even know it. melanie.phung

Google still controls your information, despite EU ruling

After a long investigation, Google has finally reached a settlement with the European Commission about how it presents search results. The Commission had started investigating Google in the first place…
Is it a wolf? Is it a dog? No, it’s a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog. dutch-tiger

Canine conundrum: did dog days dawn in Europe?

Dogs have a special connection with humans, more so than any other animal. But until recently little was known about how we formed this bond. Charles Darwin once speculated: “I do not believe … that all…
Busted: only about 15% of drugs cross the border on mules. The rest is in big shipments. PA Wire

Five myths about drug mules and the death penalty

Drug mules have barely been out of the UK news this August. First the “Peru two”, Melissa Reid from Scotland and Michaela Connolly from Ireland, were arrested attempting to leave Lima with just under 12kgs…
But I don’t speak Spanish! Wikimedia Commons

After 300 years, more monkey business on Rock of Gibraltar

Once again Britain and Spain have been at loggerheads this week over a 2.6 square mile rock which the former has occupied and the other complained about for 300 years. It would be over-egging things to…

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