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UMBC is a leading public research university known for innovative teaching, relevant research across disciplines, and a supportive community that empowers and inspires inquisitive minds. UMBC serves 14,000 undergraduate and graduate students, and combines the learning opportunities of a liberal arts college with the creative intensity of a leading research university. At the same time, UMBC is one of the country’s most inclusive education communities. UMBC also contributes to Maryland through strong government and industry partnerships that advance K–16 education, entrepreneurship, workforce training, and technology commercialization.

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Un homme passe devant les affiches du film « PM Narendra Modi », un biopic sur le Premier ministre indien, lors de son lancement à Mumbai, en Inde, en 2019. AP Photo/Rafiq Maqbool

Comment Bollywood influence les élections indiennes

À l’approche des élections en Inde, une série de films promouvant l’idéologie de droite du parti au pouvoir cherche à influencer les électeurs. Retour aux origines de cette tendance.
La escasez de agua pública ha obligado a la población a buscar alternativas en muchas de las islas, incluida Cuba. Yamil Lage/AFP via Getty Images

Sed en el paraíso: la crisis del agua en las islas del Caribe

El agua está en todas partes, pero las reservas son muy limitadas en muchas islas del Caribe. El aumento de la demanda y el cambio climático agravan la escasez de agua para sus habitantes.
Um estudo do Pew Research Center revelou que 71% dos eleitores brancos da zona rural votaram em Trump em 2020, portanto, sua preferência em novembro será fundamental para quem retornará à Casa Branca para um segundo mandato. Carol Yepes/Moment via Getty Images

Por que o ressentimento dos brancos das áreas rurais é uma ameaça à democracia dos EUA

As pessoas brancas das zonas rurais há muito tempo detêm um poder desproporcional na política dos EUA. Mas as pesquisas sugerem que seu compromisso com o sistema político americano está diminuindo.
The number zero was a relatively recent and crucial addition − it allows numbers to extend in both directions forever. pixel_dreams/iStock via Getty Images Plus

From thousands to millions to billions to trillions to quadrillions and beyond: Do numbers ever end?

Here’s a game: Tell a friend to give you any number and you’ll return one that’s bigger. Just add ‘1’ to whatever number they come up with and you’re sure to win.
Sometimes emergency housing programs encourage domestic violence survivors to use unsafe alternatives to public programs − even staying with their abusive partner. Claudia Wolff/Unsplash

Domestic violence survivors seek homeless services from a system that often leaves them homeless

Programs and policies to help domestic abuse survivors find safe housing work only if they’re implemented and supported with resources.
A man walks past posters of the film ‘PM Narendra Modi,’ a biopic on the Indian prime minister, during its launch in Mumbai, India, in 2019. AP Photo/Rafiq Maqbool

Bollywood is playing a large supporting role in India’s elections

Ahead of elections in India, a series of films that promote the ruling party’s right-wing ideology are seeking to influence voters. An art historian explains how the trend started.


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