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University of Nebraska-Lincoln

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln is a comprehensive public land grant university, a member of the Big Ten Academic Alliance and one of America’s fastest-growing research universities: Nebraska doubled its level of research activity from 2001 to 2015 and ranked ninth on Springer Nature’s international list of Rising Stars in research in 2016. Our faculty are advancing collaborative, inter-disciplinary research in food and water security, ultrafast science, early childhood development, materials and nanoscience and other crucial areas.

Enrollment also is growing fast at Nebraska, reaching all-time highs in each of the past three years. More than 26,000 students are enrolled in Nebraska’s nine colleges, and the 2017 student body was the most diverse in school history. Nebraska also offers one of the nation’s leading undergraduate research programs – backed by more than $1 million dollars in annual funding – where students work directly with faculty doing research that creates new knowledge.

Nebraska approaches the 150th anniversary of its founding with a mission rooted in its status as a land grant university, having national and international influence, students representing every state and more than 100 nations, and as a research university at the forefront of discovery in the humanities and sciences.


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Viewed over decades, the Supreme Court’s record on religion-related cases is more complicated than recent headlines suggest. Phil Roeder/Moment via Getty Images

The Colorado website designer’s win is one of dozens of federal cases where religious beliefs and LGBTQ+ rights have clashed – and the pattern might not be what you think

Two sociologists break down how cases related to plaintiffs’ beliefs and LGBTQ+ rights have fared in federal courts over several decades.
A pride flag flies in front of the temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Salt Lake City during a 2015 protest against church policy toward same-sex couples. George Frey/Getty Images

What’s going on with the wave of GOP bills about trans teens? Utah provides clues

The relationship between faith, politics and LGBTQ rights is more complicated than it can appear at first glance.
President Joe Biden talked about healing the rifts and uniting America in his inaugural address on Jan. 20, 2021. Michael S. Williamson/Washington Post

5 ways Biden can help rural America thrive and bridge the rural-urban divide

A new federal antipoverty program for both rural and urban areas is part of the solution, but the power of Big Ag, lack of internet and struggling towns need attention, too.
Hundreds of beetle species seem to be specialists that feed only from small white flowers on trees. Susan Kirmse

Tiny treetop flowers foster incredible beetle biodiversity

In the Amazon, beetles and flowering trees have developed a tight bond. Hundreds of beetle species thrive off of and pollinate blossoms, helping to maintain some of the highest biodiversity on Earth.
An LGBTQ rights supporter sets up outside the Supreme Court. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Devil in the detail of SCOTUS ruling on workplace bias puts LGBTQ rights and religious freedom on collision course

Both sides of the debate over religious freedoms and LGBTQ rights use the language of equality and opposition to discrimination. It will be up to the courts to decide whose claim is stronger.
Research shows that students who take detailed notes do better in class. VGstockstudio/

7 tips on how to take better notes

Looking to earn good grades? Good notes could help, an expert says.
The internet is growing, but old information continues to disappear daily. wk1003mike/

Your internet data is rotting

MySpace users were recently shocked to learn that the company lost 50 million user files. It’s a harsh lesson in not leaving your intellectual property unprotected on the information superhighway.


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