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University of Puget Sound

Founded in 1888 by the United Methodist Church, Puget Sound is a residential, national liberal arts college with approximately 2,600 undergraduate and nearly 270 graduate students.

Students choose from more than 1,200 courses and enjoy a student-faculty ratio of 11:1.

In 2012 Puget Sound was named one of only 40 schools included in Colleges That Change Lives.

Forbes magazine named Puget Sound one of the “Top 20 Most Entrepreneurial Colleges” in the country.

Puget Sound recently was recognized by The Chronicle of Higher Education as one of the top 10 bachelor’s degree institutions in the United States with the highest number of Fulbright scholars. Puget Sound students are frequent recipients of national academic honors, including Fulbright Fellowships, Watson Fellowships, and more.

Seventy-eight percent of Puget Sound students are from out of state; 47 states and territories and 12 countries are currently represented on campus.

Puget Sound is the only independent national undergraduate liberal arts college in Western Washington.


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