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The University of Technology Sydney is an Australian university with an international focus. UTS is a recognised leader in teaching and learning with a model founded on discovery, creativity and collaboration. UTS research aims to reach out to the world, to drive change and discover practical solutions to national and international problems.


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Young people are anxious about coronavirus. Political leaders need to talk with them, not at them

New research shows that, contrary to popular belief, young people are anxious about the impact of coronavirus on their own lives and on their communities.
Une mouette décolle du pont du Rialto sur le Grand Canal à Venise, le 18 mars 2020, pendant l'immobilisation du pays dans le cadre de la crise du coronavirus. ANDREA PATTARO/AFP

Au temps du coronavirus, l’étonnante mélancolie du vide

Au temps du confinement, les images d’un monde figé dans le temps et abandonné par l’homme suscitent une étrange fascination.
Members of the University of Oregon’s basketball team embrace before the final of the Pac-12 women’s tournament. AP Photo/John Locher

Can gambling juice fandom for women’s sports?

When fans place a bet, it motivates them to watch a sport and root for a team they might otherwise have little interest in.


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