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University of Western Australia

The University of Western Australia (UWA) is a leading Australian research university and has an international reputation for excellence, innovation and enterprise. UWA is committed to the achievement of the highest quality research and scholarship at international standards of excellence.


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We examined the research evidence on 111 autism early intervention approaches. Here’s what we found

Our landmark new report examined the evidence (or lack thereof) behind certain interventions, but applying it to individual children and families requires a tailored approach.

How COVID all but killed the Australian CBD

City by city, the data on CBD visitors vary with the severity of COVID-19 outbreaks and restrictions. But none of the CBDs has recovered former activity levels, and some might never fully recover.
Nous avons à notre disposition davantage de médicaments antibactériens qu’antiviraux. Shutterstock

Pourquoi avons-nous moins de médicaments pour lutter contre les virus que contre les bactéries ?

Trouver des médicaments qui traitent le coronavirus Covid-19 pourrait s’avérer tout aussi important que de développer un vaccin. Mais il est difficile de créer des antiviraux efficaces.


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