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Le protocole WPA2 (Wifi Protected Access 2) est un mécanisme pour sécuriser les réseaux sans-fil de type wifi. Christiaan Colen/Flickr

Nos réseaux wifi sont‑ils sécurisés ?

Les réseaux wifi peuvent être piratés. Une nouvelle attaque appelée CRACK a été révélée. Faut‑il craindre pour la sécurité de nos données ? Pouvons‑nous contre‑attaquer ?
WPA2 has been cracked, so it’s time to update your router. Ksander/Shutterstock

Wi-Fi can be KRACK-ed. Here’s what to do next

KRACK can only be used in certain circumstances, and there are some steps you can take to keep your internet traffic safe.
Artist’s impression of the collision of two neutron stars, the source of the latest gravitational waves detected. National Science Foundation/LIGO/Sonoma State University/A. Simonnet

At last, we’ve found gravitational waves from a collapsing pair of neutron stars

Astronomers have finally confirmed the source of the latest detected gravitational waves was the collission of a pair of neutron stars, what they'd been searching for all along.
George Hamilton, Meeting natives on the Campaspi plains, Victoria, June 1836. National Library of Australia

Noble horses and ‘black monsters’: the politics of colonial compassion

George Hamilton published An Appeal for the Horse in 1866, a defence of animal welfare well ahead of its time. However, his compassion for Aboriginal people was conspicuously lacking.
Repeated ear infections and prolonged episodes of glue ear can result in permanent hearing loss. from

My child has glue ear – what do I do?

Children with glue ear constantly struggle to hear at school, which may leave them frustrated, disengaged and unlikely to reach their full potential.
Paul Uhlmann, Batavia 4th June 1629 (night of my sickness), 2017, oil on canvas (detail, one of three panels). Courtesy of the artist

Picturing the unimaginable: a new look at the wreck of the Batavia

The shipwreck of the Batavia and subsequent murders of 115 men, women and children have inspired many retellings. A new exhibition combines art and science to find new angles on an old tale.
Le siège de la NSA, près de Baltimore (dans le Maryland).

Sécurité informatique : les leçons de l’affaire Kaspersky

Les services secrets russes ont-ils dérobé des données stratégiques à l'agence américaine NSA grâce au logiciel antivirus Kaspersky? Les autorités américaines en sont convaincues, Kaspersky dément.
It is difficult to find two G20 neighbours which trade and invest in each other as little as Australia and Indonesia do.

Australia tries to unlock the benefits of proximity with Indonesia

Trade and investment between Indonesia and Australia is very little despite their proximity. But there are signs of change in the way Australia thinks about Indonesia.
Comment la start-up Filecoin, financée par ICO, voit son business… et sa cryptomonnaie.

ICO : des levées de fonds… en cryptomonnaie

Les « initial coin offerings » bousculent les modes de financement initiaux des start-up. Mais de quoi s’agit-il ? Analyse de ce marché à l’occasion du premier ICO d’une start-up française, DomRaider.
This pamphlet, authorised by the Australian Conservatives, was received in a letter box in a Victorian suburb in September. Supplied

FactCheck: will Safe Schools be ‘mandatory’ if same-sex marriage is legalised?

'Vote No' campaign material distributed by the Australian Conservatives claims that if same-sex marriage is legalised, the Safe Schools program will be 'mandatory in schools'. We looked at the facts.

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