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Western Sydney University

Established in 1989, Western Sydney University `brings knowledge to life’ in the education of students for employment, the application of research to contemporary problems, and mutually enriching partnerships with local schools, organisations, businesses and community groups.


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Potential conflicts in space over resources can be prevented by a commitment to peaceful collaboration. (Shutterstock)

Space exploration should aim for peace, collaboration and co-operation, not war and competition

As the space race is resumed, and expanded to include private corporations, it is more important than ever to lay the groundwork for peaceful collaboration.
Un año después de los incendios de 2019/20; este bosque se ha recuperado lentamente. Rachael Nolan,

El cambio climático está poniendo a prueba la resistencia al fuego de los bosques autóctonos

Muchas plantas son realmente buenas resistiendo los incendios forestales, pero la combinación de sequías, olas de calor y plagas de insectos acrecentadas por el cambio climático puede llevarlas al límite.
One year following the 2019/20 fires, this forest has been slow to recover. Rachael Nolan

Climate change is testing the resilience of native plants to fire, from ash forests to gymea lilies

Many plants are really good at withstanding bushfires, but the combination of drought, heatwaves and pest insects under climate change may push them to the brink.

Destroying vegetation along fences and roads could worsen our extinction crisis — yet the NSW government just allowed it

Under a new code, rural landholders in NSW will be allowed to clear up to 25 metres of land outside their property boundary. This will be devastating for the wildlife that live or migrate there.


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