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Associate Professor in Environmental Science, Western Sydney University

I am a science communicator and am employed as an associate professor in Western Sydney University's School of Science. I teach classes in water science and management, environmental planning and environmental regulation across several degree programs.

Prior to WSU, I worked as a scientist in the urban water industry, mainly at Sydney Water. My science interests include freshwater ecology, water chemistry and water pollution (science and management).

My research interests include urban water issues, contamination from concrete materials and impacts of mining on streams and rivers. I have provided independent expert testimonies for environmental science matters for the NSW Land & Environment Court, and also for mining development proposals being considered through the planning system.

I'm an enthusiastic participant in art & science and community engagement activities associated with water and I often provide expert commentary on water issues in the media. I'm fortunate to visit primary and secondary schools, on behalf of the University, to talk to classes about water.


  • 2022–present
    Associate professor, Western Sydney University
  • 2016–2022
    Senior lecturer, Western Sydney University
  • 2010–2015
    Lecturer, Western Sydney University


  • 2006 
    University of Western Sydney, PhD in freshwater ecology
  • 1995 
    Macquarie University, Master of Science (by research)


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  • 2015
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  • 2014
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  • 2009
    Comparison of sewage and coal-mine wastes on macroinvertebrates within a clean catchment, Water, Air and Soil Pollution

Professional Memberships

  • Editorial Board of MDPI Journal ‘Water’
  • Editorial Board Journal ‘Water, Air and Soil Pollution’

Research Areas

  • Freshwater Ecology (060204)
  • Environmental Sciences (05)
  • Environmental Management (050205)