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Wilfrid Laurier University

Laurier students aren’t content with simply earning a university degree. To them, education is a springboard to something greater: it’s the key to shaping a life, building a community and making a difference.

For more than a century, Laurier has been known for academic excellence. But we’ve also been dedicated to the philosophy that our students’ success is measured through more than grades – it’s based on the quality of the lives they lead, and those they inspire.


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A study of more than 155,000 students in the Toronto District School Board found only 55 per cent of students who self-identify as Black are applying to post-secondary education. (Shutterstock)

How high school ‘university’ courses matter for all post-secondary access — more than the name implies

All students who apply to university need ‘U’ courses, but Toronto-area research reveals few students with zero Grade 12 ‘U’ courses apply for any post-secondary education at all.
Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pose for a photo at the annual Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in November 2023 in San Francisco. (AP Photo/Godofredo A. Vásquez)

How to encourage China to become a law-abiding member of the rules-based international order

Global human rights is an area where Chinese officials are willing to engage with the international community and could provide a window of opportunity towards further progress in the future.
A flare burns off methane and other hydrocarbons as oil pumpjacks operate in the Permian Basin in Midland, Texas. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

COP28: Why we need to break our addiction to combustion

Tackling the climate crisis starts with breaking our addiction to fuel. A task complicated by fuels essential role in both promoting and threatening global human security.
Pessoas em luto seguram velas para o palestino-americano Wadea Al-Fayoume durante uma vigília em Plainfield, Illinois. O menino muçulmano de seis anos morreu esfaqueado, no que a polícia descreve como um crime de ódio. (AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh)

Como a islamofobia e o racismo antipalestino são fabricados por meio da desinformação

Deliberately circulated disinformation — big lies — are used to foment Islamophobia and anti-Palestinian racism, with deadly consequences.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau shakes hands with New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh as Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre looks on at a Tamil heritage month reception in January 2023. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Adrian Wyld

Educated voters in Canada tend to vote for left-leaning parties while richer voters go right

Does the ‘diploma divide’ make politics more about culture than economic inequality?
Mourners hold candles for Palestinian-American Wadea Al-Fayoume during a vigil in Plainfield, Ill. The six-year-old Muslim boy was fatally stabbed in what police describe as a hate crime. (AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh)

How Islamophobia and anti-Palestinian racism are manufactured through disinformation

Deliberately circulated disinformation — big lies — are used to foment Islamophobia and anti-Palestinian racism, with deadly consequences.
Former President Donald Trump poses for his booking photo at the Fulton County Jail on Aug. 24, 2023. Fulton County Sheriff Office via Getty Images

Trump’s mug shot is now a means of entertainment and fundraising − but it will go down in history as an important cultural artifact

Former President Donald Trump’s mug shot is in line with the traditional mug shots that arrested people first took in the mid-1800s and early 1900s, a police photography expert explains.
Canada’s Vanessa Gilles reacts at the full-time whistle after losing their Group B soccer match 4-0 against Australia at the FIFA Women’s World Cup in Melbourne, Australia, on July 31, 2023. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Scott Barbour

The upside to Canada being knocked out of the FIFA Women’s World Cup

The implications of the Canadian women’s soccer team’s World Cup loss goes beyond Canadian national pride.
La Française Estelle Cascarino, à droite, frappe le ballon contre l'Australienne Mary Fowler lors d'un match amical de football à Melbourne, le 14 juillet 2023, avant la Coupe du monde féminine de football. (AP Photo/Hamish Blair)

Coupe du monde féminine : l’équité des genres dans les sports demeure un problème malgré des avancées majeures

La Coupe du monde féminine de 2023 est sans doute la meilleure en termes de niveau sportif, d'investissements et d'audience. Mais l'équité et la reconnaissance ne sont pas encore au rendez-vous.
France’s Estelle Cascarino, right, kicks the ball past Australia’s Mary Fowler during their friendly soccer match in Melbourne, on July 14, 2023, ahead of the Women’s World Cup. (AP Photo/Hamish Blair)

FIFA Women’s World Cup: Gender equity in sports remains an issue despite the major strides being made

While the 2023 Women’s World Cup might be the best yet for women in terms of investments and viewership, there is still room for improvement for the 2027 World Cup.
Smoke rising from an active fire in the Northwest Territories. (Sander Veraverbeke)

‘Zombie fires’ are occurring more frequently in boreal forests, but their impacts remain uncertain

Zombie fires smoulder through the winter and reignite in the early spring. How these fires behave is not well understood, but they can contribute to an earlier and longer fire season.
Fumée s'élevant d'un incendie actif dans les Territoires du Nord-Ouest. (Sander Veraverbeke)

Des feux « zombies » aux conséquences incertaines de plus en plus fréquents dans les forêts boréales

Les feux « zombies » couvent tout au long de l’hiver et se rallument au printemps. Leur comportement reste peu connu, mais ils peuvent contribuer à une saison des incendies plus précoce et plus longue.
Recruiting health workers from countries on the World Health Organization’s safeguard list without robust and reciprocal benefits for the countries sending them does not meet ethical standards. (Shutterstock)

The ethics of recruiting international health-care workers: Canada’s gains could mean another country’s pain

Recruiting internationally educated health workers is a key part of Canada’s proposed solution to the health worker crisis. But there are ethical questions about recruiting from foreign countries.
New Canadians take the Oath of Citizenship during halftime at a Redblacks and Montréal Alouettes CFL game in Ottawa in July 2022. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Sean Kilpatrick

How smaller cities can integrate newcomers into their labour markets

Canada is counting on immigrants to drive economic growth. Smaller urban communities can help take pressure off Canada’s most heavily populated regions by attracting and retaining newcomers.
A special constable with the Kawartha Lakes Police Services stands at a road block in Kawartha Lakes, Ont. in November 2020, following the death of an 18-month-old boy during a police pursuit. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Doug Ives

Jameson Shapiro shooting trial: Why police trials perform a vital public service

A criminal trial is a venue where not only individual police officers accused of crimes are put under public scrutiny, but so too are the training and tactics that officer received.


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