Media puts its Bigfoot in it Yeti again: it’s abominable

When you hear the words “international team of scientists” run for the hills. The Itsy Bitsy Spider

What ever happened to quality science reporting in the mainstream media? Why do so many journalists seem to simply accept press releases as fact? Are qualifications no longer relevant when it comes to journalistic scrutiny of science? Perhaps there’s no longer any scrutiny? Let’s be clear: there is NO Yeti!

The people claiming there is such a creature have no idea about science or the evidence that would be needed to convince scientists that a Yeti, or Bigfoot, or Yowie, or what ever you call it, exists!

This week I learned from Sydney’s Daily Telegraph, the ABC, the UK’s Mail and Telegraph newspapers and the Huffington Post (no less) that a Russian scientist is to be supported in his Bigfoot-hunting efforts by an international team specialising in human evolution.

I checked my calendar to see if it was April 1, and not October 6, as I had (mistakenly) thought. No, October. This story must be real. Not again, I thought.

The 82-year-old Russian heading the project, Igor Burstev – apparently “Dr” Burstev – has convinced himself, local authorities, and apparently plenty of journalists, that the Yeti is real. Burstev even claims the Yeti is a relic population of Neandertals.

And a number of sometimes quite respectable news outlets have been sucked in with this nonsense.