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I achieved my PhD (University of Bath) and joined the Department of Media at Coventry University in 2010. My research to date has explored the relationship between the cultural, material and subjective within the context of postfeminist discourses concerning ‘sexualisation’. This work has attempted to blend media analysis and field research to produce a critical view of what it means to live in a culture defined through the concept of ‘sexualisation’. This work has been presented widely at conferences and seminars, and has been published in the European Journal of Women’s Studies, Journal of Gender Studies and Feminism and Psychology. I am the author (with Sarah Riley) of Sex, Identity and Consumer Culture (Oxford University Press, forthcoming). Current work continues to develop an interest in contemporary ‘postfeminist’ gender relations, and the use of creative methods in research and teaching. I am currently a member of the Onscenity Research Network and I am on the editorial board for the Journal of Gender Studies.

My research is inspired by a deep interest in the way gender organises personal, social, intimate and cultural relationships, and how these relationships are shaped and reflected in media culture. Through my research I hope to create new ways of thinking about these links and the way they can stimulate more positive identities.