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Honorary/Visiting Fellow, Lancaster University

Dr. Akanimo Odon is an international business and strategy development expert who has gained experience working in several capacities to several global and international bodies. With a specialisation in education, energy and environment, he has an in- depth understanding of global issues but with special reference to Africa.
He has been Adviser to the British Government through the Department for Innovation, University and Skills (DIUS) on developing international education policies under the National Student Forum, On-call Education Partnership Consultant for British Council, Business Development Consultant for the Grow Creative Scheme under the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and is currently CEO of Envirofly Consulting and Africa Education Advisor for Aberystwyth University UK. He specialises in bridging the business gaps between Africa and the rest of the world.

He is a top Local Content expert who provided Local Content lead to one of the world's largest oil and gas firms (BG Group) for their Nigerian operations. Since then, he has advised different organisations and African governments on Local Content and Smart Procurement in the extractive industry.

He is an international multi-award winner, a seasoned author and writer and the founder of different successful Africa development initiatives and programmes. His links and network spreads across over 20 African countries and his working relationship with a wide range of international bodies makes it easy for him to realise his professional goals. His goal and ultimate professional mission is to help overseas bodies, firms and individuals get a good entry and growth in the African market and for African bodies and organisations to grow and establish themselves in the international market.

The roles and projects that Akan has been involved in the last ten years include:
- Country Director, Xn Foundation - a UK and Canada based NGO promoting creativity and skills in African youth; organised the largest conference of African students in the UK for the last nine years; involving liaison with over 20,000 African students, over 40 workshop seminars to over 3000 students, and hosted by six UK Universities.

- Non Resident Research Fellow, African Centre for Technology Studies (ACTS) Kenya -areas of work would include: Green Economy; Climate Resilient Economy; Bio-economy; Natural Resources Economy; Gender, Youth and Inclusive Development in Africa.

- Local Content Consultant, National Social Security Fund (NSSF) Tanzania -contracted to design and develop a Local Content training programme on oil and gas for NSSF board members of the Tanzanian Government.

- Management Consultant, National Centre for Energy and Environment (NCEE) Nigeria, Under the Energy Commission of the Presidency -developed their energy and environmental business and partnership strategies, policies and research portfolios.

- Education Research Consultant, British Council - assessment of the status of strategic partnerships between UK and Nigerian Universities; providing a basis for a case for Trans-national Education development.

- Research Consultant, City and Guilds UK - a research study on the viability of market demand to support an expanded Oil and Gas (O&G) assessment and accreditation offering in the downstream sector of East Africa, with particular reference to Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique.

- Technical Adviser, Lagos State Government Ministry of Environment -i designed an innovative agenda, programme outline, content and engagement framework between the government and private sector in Lagos State.

- Local Content Consultant, Trust Africa Senegal - analysed and prepared brief reports on local content policy experiences in the extractive industry of Nigeria, Gabon, Ethiopia, Botswana, Angola, Libya and Mali.

- Education Internationalisation Expert, University of Benin Nigeria; KAAF University College Ghana; University of Uyo Nigeria; Benson Idahosa University Nigeria, KAR Academy Benin Republic


  • 2009–present
    Chief executive officer, Envirofly Consulting UK Limited
  • 2006–present
    Chief executive officer, Xn Foundation
  • –present
    Honorary/visiting fellow, Lancaster University
  • 2014–2015
    Local Content Adviser, First Exploration and Production Limited Nigeria
  • 2007–2010
    Education Consultant (On- Call), British Council Nigeria
  • 2008–2009
    Local Content Adviser, BG Group (Nigerian Asset)
  • 2006–2007
    Management Consultant, Grow Creative Scheme (European Regional Development Fund)


  • 2007 
    Lancaster University, PhD Environmental Management
  • 2007 
    Stanford University Business School, Entrepreneurship Fellowship Award (Round-table for Entrepreneurial Education - REE)
  • 2003 
    Aberystwyth University, MSc Environmental Rehabilitation
  • 2002 
    University of Benin Nigeria, BSc Environmental Biology (Zoology)


Public Service Award, Nigerian Centenary Award Committee : One of the Most Influential Nigerians in the Diaspora (2015); British Council Shine Awards - Best International Student in the UK (2006)