PhD Student, University of Essex Human Rights Centre, University of Essex

Alan Msosa is a Commonwealth Scholar and doctoral candidate at the University of Essex Human Rights Centre. He is a Chevening Scholarship alumnus for his MA degree awarded by the same university.

Before joining the Human Rights Centre, Alan worked for International IDEA where he was coordinator for Planning and Programming. He was also their diversity coordinator for their African Programme. He has also worked as Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator for ARASA, a regional network of civil society organisations promoting human rights-based approaches to the HIV and AIDS crisis across southern Africa. He has also worked as head of the complaint handling team at the Malawi Office of the Ombudsman.

Alan has attended numerous international training in areas such as human rights, network and partnership building, monitoring and evaluation, good governance, and HIV and AIDS management. He has presented papers at various national and international human rights forums. He is a guest blogger for Outright International.

Alan’s PhD research is entitled ‘Sexuality and Human Rights in Malawi’. His research focuses on investigating societal and institutional factors that influence the lack of protection of human rights for LGBT people in Malawi. His research draws from case law from Malawi courts, media discourse from local newspapers and life stories of 44 LGBT Malawians. The data is triangulated to offer an unprecedented analysis of the influence of the Malawian local context in the understanding and application (or operationalization) of human rights in the country.

In addition to the PhD project, Alan is also researching on the local lexicon of human rights and homosexuality in Malawi.


Commonwealth Scholar