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Alberto Valenciano Vaquero

PhD VErtebrate Paleontology, University of Cape Town

I am Ph.D., specialized in faunas of carnivorans from the Neogene 23-2.5 Ma of Eurasia, North America, and Africa. My research focuses on taxonomy, systematics, phylogeny, and paleobiology, concentrating on the evolution of mustelids (weasels, badgers and otters), mephitids (skunks), ailurids (red pandas), canids (jackals, wolves) amphicyonids (bear-dogs), and ursids (bears), with special attention to faunas of Spain, Turkey, China, North America and South Africa. I also study other Neogene families such as felids (sabertooth cats, caracals), herpestids (mongoose) and viverrids (civets and genets) from the same regions.


  • 2018–2020
    Postdoctoral fellow, University of Cape Town


  • 2018 
    Iziko South African Museum and University of Cape Town (UCT) , Postdoctoral fellowship
  • 2017 
    Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Phd