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Alessandra Fasulo

Senior Lecturer, Department of Psychology, University of Portsmouth

I am Senior Lecturer in Psychology in Portsmouth University of Portsmouth. My research interests are human interaction and narrative.

I am interested in how children become competent members of culture in and through language use. I also observe how these processes change when children with communication difficulties are involved; my research aims at showing the skillful, often unrecognised strategies that children adopt to overcome their difficulties and stay socially connected.

My narrative research concerns both story-telling in conversation and personal narratives, both fields illuminating the relationship between identity, discourse and socio-cultural dynamics.

I am part of the CIDD research centre (Centre for Interaction, Development and Diversity), and with my colleagues we try to develop research methods that can capture the complexity of behaviour in and out of the lab. We also specialise in autism research, for which we actively involve participants with the condition to take part in research.


  • 2009–2021
    Senio Lecturer, University of Portsmouth