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Alexander Thomas

Senior lecturer Media Production & Film, University of East London

Dr Alexander Thomas is a multi-award-winning film director and screenwriter. His academic research questions what it means to be human when cultural, cybernetic and biotechnological developments undermine the notion of the human as a cogent and eternal category.

Alexander has directed four multi-award winning short films including Beverley which screened at over 100 international festivals and events, won 38 awards and was longlisted for an Oscar. Alexander is the host and producer of the A-Z of the Future Podcast which explores 26 key topics of our times to provide a better understanding of our future and includes interviews with global thought leaders

He co-runs the company IntoTheFuture which develops creative projects designed to entertain, educate and inspire on future related themes. He has contributed chapters to books, written numerous articles and reviews and has featured on Radio 4’s Thinking Allowed. His first book, titled The Politics and Ethics of Transhumanism: Techno-human Evolution and Advanced Capitalism will be published in 2024 by Bristol University Press.