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Alexander Thomas

Senior Lecturer in Media Production and Film, University of East London

Alex is a Senior Lecturer in Media Production and Film at the University of East London. Alex completed his PhD on the topic 'The Politics and Ethics of Transhumanism: Exploring Implications for the Future in Advanced Capitalism'. Transhumanism is the idea of human enhancement using the converging NBIC suite of technologies (nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology and cognitive science).

Alex's research asks whether the profound changes that such technologies may bring about are best served by being brought into being in the context of advanced capitalism. It raises questions about the logics of our current social dynamics their potential implications. At the heart of such matters are deep questions about what it means to be human when cybernetic and biotechnological developments undermine such a notion.

Alex is also a multi-award winning film director and screenwriter.

BA Hons 1st Class – English Literature and Philosophy, University of Wales, Cardiff
M.Litt. Distinction – Creative Writing, University of St Andrews
M.A. Distinction – Directing for Television and Film, University of Westminster
PhD - University of East London


  • 2019–present
    Senior lecturer, University of East London


  • 2022 
    University of East London, PhD