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Senior Lecturer, Monash Centre for Astrophysics, Monash University

Alina works in the School of Mathematical Sciences at Monash University as a Senior Lecturer. She is member of the Monash Centre for Astrophysics. She teaches large classes ofstudents: Advanced Engineering Mathematics, Mathematical Modelling and Vizualisation of Mathematical and Astrophysical Big Data. Python and its applications. She taught Galaxies, Relativity and Cosmology, General Astrophysics, Helioseismology, MHD and Waves.

Expert in Helioseismic Holography (a mathematical method which can tell you how loud is the Sun), Alina can detect solar quakes, seismic ripples on the solar surface in satellite images from state-of-art instruments.


Solar physics: study of of wave oscillations, wave dynamics, wave theory, acoustic and magnetic waves; Interpretations of the full wave field observed at the solar surface in active regions, sunspots and quiet sun; Solar quakes, Acoustic Haloes, Magnetic Solar flares, Chromosphere and Photosphere hydrodynamics (observations and interpretation, modelling), Seismic waves (generation, simulations of quiet Sun, ), low frequency radio emission from solar jets

Analytic techniques intended for local helioseismology: computational seismic holography, phase-correlation seismic holography, time distance. Others: LTE plasma, vector magnetograms of the photospheric magnetic field, particle acceleration in shocks and solar flares, cosmic ray propagation using Monte Carlo simulations, Green functions.

Mathematical methods, Imaging Tools: Fourier analysis, Numerical Integration Methods, Astro Data Visualization, Laplace methods, Convolutions, Filtering, 1D and 2-D Gaussian functions for imaging, Fourier Transforms, Frequency Spectra, Periodograms, Time series. Solar Images are 2D, so we really want to perform correlation in 2D, Aliasing and Sampling Theorem, Statistics of Noise.


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    Senior Lecturer, Monash University