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Professor of Financial Economics, Loughborough University

Alistair Milne joined the Loughborough University in July 2011 as professor of financial economics. He was previously reader in banking and finance at Cass Business School, City University of London and has also held positions at the Bank of England, the University of Surrey, London Business School, HM Treasury and the national statistics office of Malawi.

In recent years his principal research has been on bank balance sheet management and regulation, and its relationship to banking performance, monetary transmission and financial stability; and on the network economics of financial infrastructure, including retail payments and securities and derivatives clearing and settlement. He has also worked on a variety of other issues in financial risk management, liquidity risk, central banking, financial regulation, housing markets, development finance and macroeconomics. He is the author of The Fall of the House of Credit (Cambridge University Press, July 2009) which is a comprehensive single volume account of all different dimensions of the global financial crisis and was then a regular media commentator on the crisis and the response by policy makers. He is also a frequent speaker at policy and industry conferences.

Since 2005 Alistair has been an annual research visitor at the Monetary Policy and Research Department of the Bank of Finland. He has been a consultant to the Houses of Parliament, the Financial Services Authority, the European Commission, and to several private sector institutions and trade bodies.

Research interests:
Bank capital; financial regulation; financial risk management; financial stability; central banking; payments, systems of payments, clearing and settlement; liquidity and lender of last resort; macroeconomic dynamics and monetary transmission.


  • 2011–2019
    Professor of Financial Economics, Loughborough University
  • 1999–2011
    Reader in Banking and Finance, Cass Business School
  • 1993–1999
    Lecturer in Economics, University of Surrey
  • 1996–1998
    Economic Adviser, Financial Intermediaries Division, Bank of England
  • 1989–1993
    Research Fellow, Centre for Macroeconomic Forecasting, London Business School
  • 1982–1985
    Senior Economic Assistant, HM Treasury
  • 1979–1981
    ODI Fellow, National Statistics Office, Malawi