PhD Candidate in Health Sciences, Simon Fraser University

For more than 7 years, I have been conducting interdisciplinary and intersectional research aimed at supporting sexuality, health, and human rights for diverse populations in Canada, with a primary focus on women living with HIV. Areas of expertise include: (1) measuring population health and health inequities; (2) understanding the social and structural determinants of sexual health; and (3) community-based research methodologies. Currently, I am a CIHR-funded PhD candidate in the Faculty of Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University and a social epidemiologist at the British Columbia Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS. My doctoral research focuses on understanding positive aspects of sexuality for women living with HIV in social, relational, and structural contexts through various feminist theoretical lenses and rigorous quantitative techniques. Together with women living with HIV, I have co-founded Life and Love with HIV,, a new website coming soon dedicated to building conversation and community around sexuality and relationships for women and couples living with HIV. Born in Newfoundland, bred in London, and currently living in Vancouver, I am passionate about engaging in meaningful, community-driven research that has a positive impact on society and, in turn, individual and population-level experience of sexual health and well-being.


  • 2011–present
    Social Epidemiologist, British Columbia Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS
  • 2015–present
    PhD Candidate in Health Sciences, Simon Fraser University


  • 2010 
    Simon Fraser University, Masters of Public Health
  • 2008 
    University of British Columbia, Bachelor of Science