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My interest in food systems began during my bachelor's degree at Capital University in Columbus, Ohio when I started studying environmental science. It was during that time that I discovered that one of the biggest culprits for environmental degradation just happened to be one of the most crucial for human survival: agriculture. At that point I decided to learn more about agriculture and began working on an organic farm in Bath, Ohio and then later an urban farm in Cleveland, Ohio. After gaining some practical experience I decided it was time to pursue my master's degree in organic agriculture and food systems/agroecology, which I obtained from both the University of Hohenheim and University of BOKU. Today, I work for Kwizda Agro and have the pleasure of working with a great group of individuals who are passionate about find biological solutions for pest control for both conventional and organic farms.


  • 2022–2022
    Specialist Product Management, Kwizda Agro