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Associate Professor of Aesthetics and Art Theory, Nanjing University

I am Associate Professor of Aesthetics and Art Theory at the School of Arts of Nanjing University, Director of the NJU Center for Sino-Italian Cultural Studies, and Young Ambassador of the Jiangsu Province. I am also Board Member of the Association of Italian Scholars in China (AAIIC), and Board and Founding Member of the Association of Tuscans in China. I have also been recently elected Delegate-at-Large of the International Association of Aesthetics (IAA).

I hold two doctoral degrees, a PhD in Philosophy (Temple University, 2014) and a PhD in Text Sciences (University of Siena, 2011), as well as a BA in Philosophy (University of Siena, 2006). My mixed academic background naturally led me to develop interdisciplinary research interests, which lie at the intersection of aesthetics, cultural studies, intellectual property, and cultural heritage. I am generally interested in how creativity can influence our everyday lives and practices, and in particular the nature, uses, and functions of public spaces.

My recent publications deal with questions of urban creativity. I have written extensively on street art and graffiti. Brill has recently published my latest monograph entitled A Philosophy Guide to Street Art and the Law, which you can find discussed here. Before that, I wrote another monograph with one of the most interesting curators of urban art, Pietro Rivasi. The book is entitled Un(Authorized)//Commissioned (WholeTrain Press, 2017).

I have a new book project, which deals with questions of elegance as an aesthetics of the self.


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    Associate Professor of Aesthetics and Art Theory, Nanjing University