Andrew Frederick Johnson

Visiting Scientist, San Diego State University

Dr Johnson currently directs MarFishEco Fisheries Consultants (UK / US) and has recently worked on evaluations of technological innovation in small-scale fisheries in India and the Caribbean and of the Common Fisheries Policy’s external dimension related to EU vessels fishing in foreign waters.

Since beginning his studies in marine biology in 2002, Dr. Johnson has traveled extensively, working with ten different fisheries in twelve countries gaining valuable experience in a range of fishing methods and management strategies. His doctorate at the School of Ocean Sciences, Bangor (UK, 2012) focused on the ecology of demersal fishes and MPA design. His postdoctoral research focused on small-scale (artisanal) fleets in Mexico and SE Asia. He is passionate about integrating sound ecological knowledge of fishes and ecosystems with the behaviour and patterns of fisheries in order to help predict the future impacts of current exploitation levels.

Dr Johnson is currenty a visiting at San Diego State Univeristy where he collaborates on a number of projects with Prof. Rebecca Lewison.


  • 2018–present
    Director, MarFishEco Fisheries Consultants
  • 2014–2018
    Postdoctoral associate, Scripps Oceanography UCSD


  • 2012 
    School of Ocean Sciences UK, PhD Marine Fisheries Ecology


Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellow