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Assistant lecturer, Monash University

"Andrew Giles is an Assistant Lecturer and PhD candidate in the School of Earth, Atmosphere and Environment. Andrew belongs to the Ngarrindjeri Nation and is currently in the final stages of his PhD, focusing on the sedimentary response to tectonics in the emergent part of the Hikurangi Accretionary Wedge, East Coast Basin, New Zealand. Andrew has a wide range of interests, which is reflected in his teaching experience. This has allowed him to develop a broad scientific knowledge, which aids in the delivery and development of his primary teaching focus, communicating the depth and sophistication of Indigenous knowledge systems to a broad audience. A passion for the bush and country has a tendency to drive Andrew's research to be heavily field based, this has allowed him to gain a large amount of experience living and working in some of the most remote places in Australia and on the planet."


  • 2020–2021
    Assistant Lecturer, Monash University