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Space Medicine Systematic Review Expert, Northumbria University, Newcastle

Andrew graduated from Sheffield Hallam University in 2013 as a Chartered Physiotherapist having completed two undergraduate degrees in Biomedical Science and Physiotherapy and a Masters degree in Applying Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy.  Andrew worked in the NHS and in medical operations at the European Astronaut Centre in Germany before completing a PhD at Northumbria University in 2016.  Andrew’s PhD investigated the biomechanics of exercise on a European Space Agency flagship medical project rehabilitation device, for reconditioning deep spinal postural muscles following deconditioning (such as from space flight and in regular low back pain).
Andrew remains heavily involved in Human Spaceflight both in research and leading national space R&D organisations.  This includes chairing the UK Space Biomedicine Association in 2012 and holding the role of Coordinator of the UK Space Environments Association since 2013.  The UK Space Environments Association has recently become a part of the STFC funded UK Human Spaceflight Capitalisation Office.  In this role Andrew is facilitating space research and development across the UK. 
Other research projects have included collaborating with the European Space Agency to develop running gait analysis as part of the Agency’s Astronaut Fitness Assessment and running studies investigating rehabilitation of deep spinal muscles in Astronauts.  Andrew led a systematic review of spaceflight countermeasures to prevent changes to the spine in astronauts.  This led to operational and research recommendations published ESA report.  From this he is now leading formation of an international Aerospace Medicine Systematic Review Group that will synthesise evidence to inform operational guidelines and decision making around medical issues in aerospace industries (space medicine, civil and military aviation).  This group has received endorsements from ESA, the CAA, RAF, Aerospace Medicine Association, International Space University as well as UK Space Industry including Blue Abyss and SeaSpace Research Ltd.
Andrew’s main interest is aerospace medicine with a strong grounding in physiotherapy and biomechanics research projects.  Since 2008 has completed a project developing gait analysis as an outcome measure of post spaceflight rehabilitation with the European Space Agency and conducted several studies of spinal kinematics during exercise aimed to rehabilitate deep spinal muscles following periods of deconditioning in astronauts and individuals with low back pain.  Andrew’s future research directions will be continuing to develop rehabilitation for deep spinal muscles and leading an international Aerospace Medicine Systematic Review group.


  • 2016–present
    Lecturer, Northumbria University
  • 2010–present
    Physiotherapist, Various
  • 2013–2016
    PhD researcher, Northumbria University
  • 2012–2012
    Medical Operations Intern, European Astronaut Centre


PhD, MSc, BSc, BSc, MCSP