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Deputy Head (Business Development & Partnership), School of Psychology & Computer Science, University of Central Lancashire

Andy has spent the last twenty-five years teaching students about group decision making processes, persuasion, influence and the clear benefits of collaboration between individuals. This work, together with the study of individual decision making and reasoning processes includes the examination of complex “fuzzy” decisions that account for many complicated and sometimes contradictory sources of information. This work has been applied to health decision making (risk perception and self-serving biases whereby people ignore and explain away risk factors), moral dilemmas, on-field sports decisions (and how to improve them). Much of his current work focuses upon the application of cognitive processes (memory, thinking and language) to real world issues such as perception and memory for presentations in both education and business, the impact of green technology upon decision making, and more recently people's understanding of Covid R-rates and health related issues.


  • 2020–present
    Deputy Head of School, University of Central Lancashire
  • 2007–2020
    Principal Lecturer in Psychology, University of Central Lancashire
  • 2005–2007
    Senior Lecturer in Psychology, University of Central Lancashire


  • 2000 
    Plymouth University, PhD
  • 1991 
    Polytechnic South West, BSc (Hons) Psychology