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Associate professor (Physics), The University of Melbourne

During his research career Dr Andy Martin has carried out research in a diverse range of condensed matter physics topics, from the investigation of superconductivity, dephasing effects and charge fluctuations in electronic mesoscopic devices (small cold electrical circuits, where the quantum effects dominate), to modeling interfaces and disorder in high temperature superconductors and the breakdown of the integer quantum Hall effect (a quantum effect used to define the resistance standard). Recently his, research has focused on the interplay between condensed matter and atomic physics. This work has primarily focused on the emergent properties of ultra-cold quantum gases, with additional work on the use of nitrogen vacancy centers in diamond to measure rotation; the development of
quantum meta-materials; the investigation of new strongly correlated states of light in coupled atom cavity systems, flocking phenomena in biological systems and the emergence of defects in early universe dynamics.


  • 2006–present
    Senior lecturer, University of Melbourne
  • 2004–2006
    Lecturer, University of Melbourne
  • 2001–2004
    Postdoctoral research fellow, University of Nottingham
  • 1999–2001
    Postdoctoral research fellow, University of Geneva


  • 1995 
    Lancaster University, PhD (Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics)
  • 1992 
    Lancaster University, BSc (hons)