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Researcher in Veterinary medicine biochemistry, Karolinska Institutet

My basic degree is doctor of veterinary medicine, and I graduated from SLU in 2003. After working as a veterinarian a few years, I decided to get a PhD and joined an EU project, which aimed at producing artificial spider silk for medical applications. The project started with me going on an “adventure trip” to South Africa to collect 100 spiders in the wild. Since then, I am fascinated by this impressive material, and the spiders that produce it.

In 2007 I received my PhD, and soon after we started the company Spiber Technologies AB to commercialise our research findings. I was CEO from 2008 to 2012. In 2011-2017 I worked as an Assistant Professor at Karolinska Institutet, where I still work part time, and as an Extension Specialist/Senior Lecturer in Translational Medicine at SLU. Since 2018 I am professor of veterinay medical biochemistry at SLU.

My research area and area of expertise include translational medicine, regenerative medicine, molecular biotechnology and medical biochemistry.


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    Researcher in Veterinary medicine biochemistry, Karolinska Institutet