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Research historian, Australian Research Council for Urban Ecology, The University of Melbourne

I am a passionate researcher, writer and photographer. I specialise in the stories of people and places and the relationships between them.

My love of learning about how people see and understand, create and recreate the places they make home has taken me all over the world. I have explored life in eastern and southern Africa, almost all corners of China, throughout the hills and rivers and cities of south-east Asia, Europe, Madagascar, Australia, Japan, Nepal, Korea, Mongolia and now Nepal. I like to stop for a while in places to get a deeper insight than is gleaned from passing through, so I have also lived and worked in a small village in Kenya, Lanzhou and Yixian in China, a small village of 300 people in the northern German plains, Ulaanbaatar (the crazy capital of magical Mongolia), and what I think is the most strikingly beautiful city on the planet, Hobart, in Tasmania.

I have a PhD in Human Geography and Environmental History, a Master of Arts (Environmental Science) and a Bachelor of Arts (International Development). I am experienced in understanding the politics, economics and cultural dynamics that shape the relationships between people and place and thrive on the challenge of communicating these through words and pictures.

I currently work as a research officer at the Nepal School of Social Work in Kathmandu.


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    Research historian, Australian Research Council for Urban Ecology, University of Melbourne