Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Centre for Compassionate Conservation, University of Technology Sydney

I am a Chancellor's Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Centre for Compassionate Conservation, University of Technology Sydney, researching the ecological role of large predators in modern novel ecosystems.

My research combines ecological science with ethics to promote compassionate approaches to conservation. I aim to develop, apply, and promote nonlethal and noninvasive strategies that enables the persistence of species without causing intentional suffering to individual wild animals.

I collaborate with landholders to secure protection for wild animals from killing programs conducted for farming and conservation, and from commercial hunting. My ecological research explores how human-assisted redistribution of species promotes biodiversity in the Anthropocene, and how apex predators enable coexistence between native and introduced species.


  • 2015–present
    Postdoctoral fellow, University of Technology Sydney


  • 2011 
    University of Adelaide, Australia, PhD, Zoology
  • 2006 
    University of Haifa, Israel, MSc, Evolutionary and Environmental Biology
  • 2004 
    University of Haifa Oranim, Israel, BSc, Biology