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Associate Professor in Inflammation Biology, University of Birmingham

Associate Professor Dr. Asif Jilani Iqbal, is currently a Principal Investigator in the Leukocyte Trafficking Group, in the theme, which he co-leads, of Vascular biology and Inflammation, Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences, University of Birmingham. He graduated from the University of Surrey with a bachelor's degree in 2006, University of Surrey. In 2007 he went on to obtain an MSc in Immunology of infectious disease under the supervision of Dr John Raynes, Immunology Department, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM). He then secured a highly competitive joint industrial case award with the BBSRC and UCB Celltech to pursue a PhD at the William Harvey Research Institute, Queen Mary’s University of London, in the laboratory of Professor Mauro Perretti (2007-11). After graduating from his PhD in 2011 he joined the laboratory of Professor David R Greaves at the world-renowned Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, University of Oxford as a BHF post-doctoral research fellow. In 2017 Dr Iqbal was awarded a highly prestigious Birmingham Fellowship to establish his own research group at the University of Birmingham.

Asif has been studying the role of inflammation in cardiovascular disease and other chronic
immune mediated inflammatory pathologies and how we can harness endogenous
mediators (such as galectins) to regulate this process.


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    Associate Professor in Inflammation Biology, University of Birmingham