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Athanasios Kokkinakis

PhD Candidate, University of York

Athanasios Kokkinakis is a final-year PhD student in the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Intelligent Games and Game Intelligence (IGGI) . His work bridges Psychology and Computer Science, using data analytics tools to research the links between performance in games and other performance metrics in psychology.

Nasos acquired his BSc in Psychology from the University of Bangor and he then went on to complete his MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of York. In his first experiment, he attempted to see whether “expert video-gamers” would show less Attentional Resources when compared to a control group of non-gamers and whether a short training session of approximately a week had any effects on the non-gamer group. His MSc, although not related to gaming, gave him valuable experience with EEG and MEG which he hopes to incorporate into his future experiments.

In his most recent experiments he correlated psychometric Intelligence with Videogame Scores, more specifically League of Legends Tiers. He believes that these scores may give us insight on multiple developmental trajectories for instance healthy aging.