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Jerry Lee Fellow in Experimental Criminology and Lecturer in Evidence Based Policing, University of Cambridge

Barak Ariel is a lecturer in the Police Executive Programme. Among other topics, Barak provides seminars on research methods, systematic reviews and statistical analyses.

As the chief analyst of the Jerry Lee Centre of Experimental Criminology, Barak is involved in several field experiments on police tactics in partnership with forces in the UK and abroad, including hotspot policing, restorative justice, use of cameras in police operations, informal crime control, and tax compliance.

Barak is working in collaboration with Professor Lawrence Sherman and Dr. Heather Strang on Restorative Justice Trials, as well as in collaboration with Professor David Farrington on blocked randomised experiments. Barak is also working on a series of systematic reviews for the Campbell Collaboration, as well as other methodological issues related to experiments in Criminology.