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Clinical Senior Lecturer, Imperial College London

Barry Seemungal is a consultant neurologist and an Academy of Medical Sciences/Health Foundation Clinician Scientist. He runs a specialist clinic for dizziness and eye movement problems including downbeat nystagmus and pendular nystagmus due to brain disorders such as multiple sclerosis, stroke and ataxia. Dr Seemungal is a principal investigator in the Academic Neuro-otology group which is part of the Division of Brain Sciences.

Dr Seemungal's research [See 'Visuo Vestibular Laboratory' Link - ] directly complements his clinical expertise in that patients' experiences focus his research questions whilst conversely research findings affect clinical practice. He has pioneered the use of non-invasive brain stimulation techniques in elucidating the brain mechanisms underlying symptoms in patients with dizziness and eye movement problems. Dr Seemungal also investigates the brain mechanisms underlying symptoms of spatial disorientation, a symptom which affects not only dizzy patients but also those with dementia. A recently completed study (under review) in acute stroke patients has revealed that a specific brain region is responsible for orientating oneself in space. This study also discerned that this brain region requires an accurate estimate of time to maintain our spatial orientation.

Current research projects include collaborations with the BioEngineering Department in the development of new techniques for measuring brain function with respect to patients' symptoms; e.g. with Simon Schultz we are developing new means of analysing visual cortical responses to non-invasive brain stimulation and with Aldo Faisal and Giorgio Gilestro (Natural Sciences) we are developing a cheap and simple device for monitoring and eventually diagnosing, common neurological diseases in the community.