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Beatrice Trefalt

Associate Professor of Japanese Studies, Monash University

Beatrice Trefalt is Associate Professor of Japanese Studies at Monash University. She is a historian who works on post-war Japanese history, specialising in wartime experiences and their legacies. Her doctoral thesis examined the return to Japan of so-called stragglers (soldiers who did not know the war was over) until 1975. She has also written on war crimes trials, and on the search for human remains. Her latest publication is Trefalt, B. (2024). The 1955 Japanese mission to New Guinea: War remains and the politics of commemoration in the wake of the Asia-Pacific War. Human Remains and Violence : An Interdisciplinary Journal, 9(2), 60–75.


  • 2006–2024
    Associate Professor , Monash University
  • 1999–2006
    Lecturer, University of Newcastle