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Professor, Director of Big data and smart analytics lab - IIIS, Griffith University

Bela Stantic is a Professor in Data Science and founder and Director of “Big Data and Smart Analytics” Lab at Griffith University. Professor Stantic is internationally recognized in the field of data analytics and efficient management of complex data structures, such as found in Big Data. He was invited to give many keynotes and invited talks at highly ranked International conferences and prestigious institutions. He successfully applied his research interdisciplinary, most prominently applying Big Data analytics to tourism, the environment, as well as to the health domain. He has published more than 160 journals and conference peer-reviewed publications. Professor Stantic built a reputation in Big data modeling and analytics of social media. On top of earlier highlights, related to his correct predictions of the US election, Brexit, and UK election, Professor Stantic turned media headlines and showcased the power of Big data analytics with his correct prediction of the 2019 Australian Federal election


  • –present
    Associate Professor , Griffith University


Public Health Champion