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Senior Research Fellow, UNSW

Ben McNeil is leading a new generation of scientific thinkers who engage with the wider public through writing and speaking. His expertise and interests range from climate science, ocean acidification and clean technology, to the economics of innovation and scientific discovery. Ben teaches and leads a university research team along with advising companies and governments on strategic long-term thinking.

After working as a research scholar at Princeton University and living in New York City, he now lives in Sydney, Australia with his family and is based at the University of New South Wales. Ben is finishing his second book called ShortThink, exploring the social and economic settings that make individuals and institutions fall into short-term thinking. Ben is also founder of, aimed at building a global community that supports neglected but potentially transformative blue-sky research that governments and industry are moving away from.


  • 2004–present
    Senior Research Fellow, University of New South Wales
  • 2013–present
  • 2001–2004
    Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Princeton University, USA


  • 2006 
    University of Sydney, Masters of Economics (Political Economy)
  • 2001 
    University of Tasmania, PhD in Climate Science

Research Areas

  • Chemical Oceanography (040502)
  • Climate Change Processes (040104)
  • Ecological Impacts Of Climate Change (050101)
  • Applied Economics (1402)